In case you’re not familiar with the work of Brian Malki, you should immediately check out his webcomic Wondermark. He collects Victorian illustrations, remixes them, and adds speech bubbles to create one my all time favorite comics. What’s this have to do with making stuff, you might wonder. Well back in April he published the Tinkerers’ Handbook. If you haven’t seen this thing, go check it out. Its a perfect satire of MAKE Magazine and its like, done like all Malki’s work, in remixed Victorian illustrations.

Tinkerers' Handbook

"The magazine for people who cannot leave well enough alone."

Malki perfectly imitates both old and new DIY magazines with their claims of increased efficiency, savings or fun if only you can build a __________*. Of course, invariably, you need a tool you don’t have, get overwhelmed with work that you actually get paid for, or just run out of enthusiasm, and then your project sits in a corner, rusting, until finally years later you admit that it was a stupid idea in the first place.

Part of the reason I started this blog, in fact, was to try and keep myself honest and record my progress on various projects. Of course, this site is in itself, well…another project.

*Insert your own unfinished, probably useless, and expensive project here.