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I ran into an old family friend as I walked into a resturant, today. We saw each other and smiled and hugged, and then she introduced me to the woman who was sitting across from her.

“This is so-and-so, she’s part of my homeopathy circle.”


But I smiled and nodded, not saying anything, really just wanting to sit down and eat my lunch.

“Josh used homeopathy as a child… He and his family used homeopathy.”


It’s completely true. My father and mother used all kinds of alternative medicine when I was growing up; and they gave it to their two sons as well.  I remember taking arnica for bruises, zinc tablets for a cold, and for a brief period of time colloidal silver (I’m just glad I’m not blue). Oh yeah, and I wasn’t vaccinated until I went to college.

My parents still believe a lot of that stuff, though they’ve dropped the anti-vax nonsense and I think the homeopathy. They still get acupuncture, and they still use herbs their acupuncturist “prescribes.” The family friend in the restaurant was there when I was born…at home…by a midwife. You could say we go back a ways.

So, I didn’t say anything about homeopathy at the restaurant. I was polite, albeit non-communicative, and then I sat down at the bar and ate my lunch. Inside though, I felt dirty.

I hate the feeling of being implicated in something in which I no longer believe; like when someone comes up to me and says, “Oh I remember you from church!” I don’t know what to say in that kind of situation, I really don’t.


Or so I thought, as I listened to the most recent episode of Interfaith Voices, which featured a man named David Murrow, who runs the website, and wrote the book Why Men Hate Going to Church. (I don’t make a habit of listening to ‘Interfaith Voices’ but as soon as I heard the title of Murrow’s book, I had to keep listening.)

Church for men

Yes...the logo really features a Crosshairs.

Murrow’s platform, or shtick goes something like this:

Women comprise more than 60% of the adults in the typical worship service in America…. Volunteer ranks are heavily female.”

He thinks this is a problem because:

The bigger your man shortage, the more likely your church is in decline. The denominations with the largest gender gaps are also those that are losing the most members.”

And he believes that the reason churches have this ‘man gap’ is because church has become sissified.

A male visitor detects the feminine spirit the moment he walks in the sanctuary door…. It’s hard for a man to be real in church because he must squeeze himself into this feminine religious mold.”

Therefore church needs to be more manly to attract men back.

Don’t force your men to hold hands or hug each other”

…cause you know…that’s gay.

Boris Vallejo's Steroid Jesus


And finally, my favorite, the justification:

Jesus showed us how to grow a healthy church: focus on men first. Christ loved women and children, but he spent most of his time and energy developing a handful of men.”

I’m sure he did.